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I am a Sr. Full Stack Engineer based in India. In my six years of experience I have gained more and have done much to improve my skills. Some of my projects and achievements were briefly described below.

Full Stack Web & Mobile Apps Developer.

I am a passionate fullstack developer based in India.I create dynamic web, apps and good interfaces to enhance a good user experience

  • Birthday: 24 Feb 1994
  • WhatsApp / Phone: +91 9260303151
  • City: Pune, India
  • Email:
  • Total Experience: 8 +

I assert that the information provided above is truthy and accurate.


The passion you have for your profession determines your future.


Happy Clients
Due to work effectiveness and efficiency


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Hard Workers
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I build intuitive digital interfaces, offering a memorable user experience. I am currently working with MERN, React-Native, DevOps many more frameworks. My whole life is shaped around my passion for programming ✨.

Web Site

Mobile Application
Backend / Services
Management / Architecture / Design / Editing / Photography


I provide a wide range of services related to software development and have a solid background in the career

Web Site - (Typescript + NextJS | ReactJS)


Since I came into this field, I've gained a good understanding of problem-solving and how to approach challenges posed by different stacks and environments and have dedicated a lot of time to deliver best products.

Hard Working & Commitment

I provide a good understanding of how you should work on your project and more, when you are commited to what you are doing then you will face no constraint in you career

Task oriented & Goal oriented

Working without goals is like trying to uplift without stairs. I like setting goals and tasks to be done so as to simplify work.

Measured Process

Projects snd tasks are finished in the appropriate time nad fully tested for production

Mobile Apps Development

Experienced react-native. Hands on projects

User Interface Design

Experienced in visualizing customer's idea into a user friendly ui design as well as redisign and improving existing designs

Open source contributor

Version control using git and github also helps me to contribute to different projects so as to enhace good wnd effective working systems.


Below are the testimonials that I got from different clients that I've worked with.

We were struggling to find a full-stack developer who could handle multiple tech stacks and deliver results quickly. That's when we found Appasaheb. With his knowledge of React-Native, NextJS, NodeJS, NestJS, DevOps and Tailwind CSS, he was able to handle all of our projects with ease.


Ceo & Founder at xxx

We needed a software developer who could work with our existing tech. Appasaheb Lakade was a perfect match. His experience with ReactJS, NodeJS and Tailwind CSS was exactly what we needed to complete our project. His contributions were essential to the success of our project


Ceo & Founder at xxx

Lakade was able to create a beautiful website using ReactJS and MUI that exceeded our expectations. He was able to implement complex features seamlessly, and his attention to detail made our website stand out. We were extremely happy with the final product.


CEO at xxx

Appasaheb was able to take on the project and successfully migrate the application to NodeJS. His ability to learn new technologies quickly and integrate them with our existing codebase was impressive. He was able to create a more efficient and scalable application, which has had a positive impact on our business.


Software Developer

We were impressed by Lakade's portfolio, which showcased his skills in Node.js, NestJS, ReactJS, NodeJS,DevOps and Tailwind CSS. We decided to bring him on as a consultant to help us with our tech stack. His recommendations and expertise have allowed us to improve our infrastructure and create more efficient workflows. He has been a valuable resource to our team.


Software Developer


You can reach me through my different social medias,
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Magarpatta, Pune , India



+91 9260 3031 51